Limited Spots available.  First come first serve basis.

Stuck or maybe you just want to go FASTER ...
If you are a Network Marketer READY to have that HUGE breakthrough this MASTERMIND is for YOU. 
WHO is this BREAKTHROUGH Mastermind for?
This Mastermind Breakthrough is only for those 
1.  Who haven't made 6 figure yet ...
2.  Those who are WILLING to do whatever it takes to make 6 figures.  There is no easy path but I WILL show you the way. 
WHO is this BREAKTHROUGH NOT for?  Who shouldn't come?
Those who don't aspire to make 6 figures.
Those who aren't willing to do whatever it takes.
Those who have already made 6 figures.  We have a mastermind for just 6/7/8 figure earners that is different than this one.
Those who don't want to be pushed.
Those who aren't coachable.
WHY should I come?
I will be giving you the exact strategies that I used to generate millions of dollars.  I will not give you fluff.  I  will not tell you that it is easy.  I will give you a CLEAR VISION of what it takes and what to expect.  Masterminds are a very intimate setting where YOU get your personal questions answered.  You will also hear from other million dollar guest speakers.  

My goal is to create ten new 6 figure stories.  For that to happen it needs to be the right combo of my strategies along with those that are coachable and hungry to make it happen.
WHAT to expect?  I am scared ...
If you are an introvert like me you are FREAKING out right now.  You want to come.  You know you need to come but you are nervous.  LOL!  I get it.  We don't do any weird over the top stuff.  I promise we will make you feel comfortable there and at the same time I will PUSH you from a business standpoint.  I haven't yet had anyone come and not LOVE my mastermind.  Not even one.  Every single person so far (knock on wood) that has come to a MASTERMIND has said they would HIGHLY recommend that their teams come to the next one.
Are you a Network Marketer looking to take your business to the 6 FIGURE LEVELS? 
 I have been in Network Marketing for over a decade. I was the top recruiter of a billion dollar company for 3 years. I have consulted for many companies. I was voted the #1 coach in all of Network Marketing in 2017. 

Despite my success I have had many more failures. My first December Network Marketing was my sole source of income. At the time my wife and I had 2 kids. I worked 80 hours a week and my check was less than $400 for the entire month! I had a great mentor. I had a great company. I worked really hard but I still got my butt kicked! 

I am very ambitious but I am naturally an introvert. I had massive fears to overcome. Fear of misusing social media, what my friends and family thought of me, rejection, putting myself all out there, failure and my own abilities as an introvert to have success in Network Marketing.  

I never planned on going into coaching or public speaking but as they say your struggle (if you overcome it) is your story. My story became powerful through overcoming my adversities. I started having companies and top leaders ask me to coach their teams. 

In some ways not being naturally great at the invite, follow up, close or social media was a huge courtesy. I had to learn how to become great. Because of that I feel like I am able to better communicate to the masses the step by step process for having success. 

For the first time ever I will be having an EXCLUSIVE 6 FIGURE BREAKTHROUGH Mastermind. I promise YOU this will be the most insightful event you have ever been to. There will be MASSIVE BREAKTHROUGHS.  There will be lifelong connections!  

Unfortunately there isn't room to have a huge convention.  That would take away from the power of this intimate mastermind.   To keep it intimitate and to ensure we have the RIGHT people we have created an APPLICATION.

I took a survery from the last mastermind retreat and 100% of the people said they would recommend this event.  94.7% rated the event 5 stars. 
Here is a SNEAK PEAK of our last 2 masterminds
I have been in the direct sales for 30 years, but through following Rob's trainings I was able to promote to the highest level of leadership in 8 months and all without spamming.  

Through my own experiences and through coaching many 7 figure earners personally as well as their teams this MASTERMIND will give you the blueprint to take your business to the 6 figure level.
I have been in the network marketing industry for 5.5 years, I am very passionate about this industry. In my second(current) company I became one of their top earners very quickly. 

 I began to search for successful people I could follow and I began following quite a few. I wanted to learn everything I could to help me keep growing. I came across Rob Sperry on the internet and quickly discovered that he had everything I was looking for in a mentor. 

 He had the passion I was looking for, the practical tools I could implement and the biggest thing was his integrity and passion for the industry. He became my number one industry mentor....also now I had someone I felt comfortable training my team. Rob is extremely personable and cares about people first and he is what this industry needs more of.

NOVEMBER 2nd is Arrival and November 6th is Departure 2019
Sundance, Utah

VIP's Will Arrive ONE DAY Early
A Few More Retreat Details
World Renown Speakers 
I am bringing in some of the top leaders and speakers to teach you!  Some of these speakers charge $50,000 for large crowds.  There value is even higher when they are in small crowds where you can actually interact.  Some will be network marketing leaders while others are not to give you a wide range of learning.

This will not be an average MASTERMIND!  Rarely do you ever get the chance to rub shoulders with so many millionaires.  Many of whom will become lifelong friends.  You will also be able to stay at some incredible cabins in Sundance Utah!

Rob is one of the top reasons I became a 7 figure earner in Network Marketing.  He is the best coach in all of Network Marketing.

Lance Conrad, 7 Figure Earner Network Marketing Leader
PLUS ACCESS to 4 Bonuses To LEVEL UP your Social Media, Recruiting and Income
Bonus #1 - The Social Media Playbook ($2602 Value)
This is by far the best social media course in all of Network Marketing.  You will gain access to 14 different courses covering every topic you can imagine.  I will teach you how to do FB ads, grow both your personal and business page.  We will cover exactly what to post and when to post and much much more.  
Bonus #2 - Advanced Mini Course Recruiting Training ($67 Value)
This advanced recruiting training is designed to HELP YOU…
Overcome your fears to make new contacts with CONFIDENCE
The best tips that will help you NAIL your invites and presentations with EASE
Sell in an AUTHENTIC WAY that doesn’t feel sleazy or uncomfortable
Create a sense of urgency WITHOUT being pushy.
Bonus #3 - Million Dollar Masterclass ($400 Value)
In this training, I’ll teach you the EXACT strategy I used to sign up 17 new people in ONE DAY.
I will go step by step giving you the strategy that my 30 million dollar mentor taught me to launch business. Network Marketing is an incredible industry but many just don’t know or understand the strategies the successful use. They are timeless principles that will make an impact 
immediately for many.

Along with The Fear of Loss Recruiting Strategy Training you will also receive the million dollarlist masterclass. List building is ESSENTIAL to network marketing but the truth is, million dollar earners create and build their lists DIFFERENTLY. This training is with the great Lance Conrad. 
Lance has trained hundreds of thousands of distributors around the world and has built teams in 40+ countries.

Bonus #4 - Private Facebook Support Group in MESSENGER to keep it more INTIMATE ($499 Value)
Once you join the MASTERMIND you will immediately be added to our EXCLUSIVE FB Group.  This group will only be those that are part of the TGON NATION Mastermind.  I am very responsive and will help answer any questions that you have.
Total Value of All The Bonuses - $3,568
"I will help give you the short term urgency/plan balanced with the long term vision/strategy to take your business to the next level."
     Upgrade To VIP & Get Even More...
VIP BONUS #1 - Group Coaching ($2,000 Value)
By upgrading to VIP you will receive GROUP with the other VIP's.  Rob no longer personally coaches leaders but will open it up for all VIP's for an entire month following the Mastermind.  You will have access via voice message for any help you need in managing your teams, recruiting and building your business. 
VIP BONUS #2 - Come a DAY EARLY!!!! ($1800 Value)
THis will be interactive and intimate with such a small group.  We will continue to work on breakthroughs but will also create strong accountability pushing YOU to go to the next level! Only VIP's will be there a DAY early.
VIP EXTRA #3 - One on One in Sundance Utah with Rob for 30 Minutes ($499 Value)
VIP's will meet with Rob one on one for 30 minutes in Sundance Utah to cover the most important aspects to their business.
VIP EXTRA #4 - Instagram Influencer Boost ($529 Value)
VIP's will receive a complimentary boost for 2 months.  You will average more than 1000 real likes which will boost your visibility on the algo and will also grow both your followers and social proof. 

The 6 Figure Breakthrough Mastermind
A payment plan is available for those who are ACCEPTED
Your 6 FIGURE Breakthrough Mastermind Investment
There are 2 Mastermind options for you to choose.

Your 2 choices are Silver or you can upgrade to Premier VIP.
Premier VIP will give you everything inside of Silver PLUS everything listed above and summarized below.
Premier VIP is for the overachievers that want even more hands on in depth help for crushing their business.
  •  Top Leaders and Speakers to Learn and Collaborate With 
  •  Live Sessions: Explain the Benefit of Your Products

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This is for THOSE who apply and qualify
Premier VIP
  •  TGON Silver Benefits: Everything from The TGON Silver Package Plus
  •  VIP BENEFITS Include the following listed below
  •  Personal Coaching with Rob
  •  Extra Day with Smaller Group
  •  One on One in Sundance with Rob
  •  Instagram Influencer Boost
Payments (4) starting at

This is for THOSE apply and qualify
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